My current workplace since 2012. I've worked as both game and level designer for various projects, some already existing, some new, and some that have yet to see the light of day. The ones that I'm allowed to talk about are the following:



I started Nibblers as level designer where I created and balanced levels. Eventually I moved up to lead designer, where I was responsible for content and feature design. Since Nibblers isn't that complex of a game, I also doubled as project manager, making sure to look at relevant data and trying to lead the game where it needed to be.

Angry Birds Stella

I worked as game designer and lead content designer from the start of the project. That is to say, I helped the then lead to design and tune the new gameplay mechanics and the new bird powers. As the lead content designer I made several levels and also decorated, tuned, and balanced all the other levels made by other level designers. Later I moved up to lead designer of the project before it got cancelled.

Angry Birds Classic

I was responsible for the Red's Mighty Feather prototype, but I wasn't the one who took it to production. I also helped with the level design in the Red's Mighty Feather update and the Short Fuse update.

Angry Birds Star Wars Facebook

I joined this project after it launched. I did some game design, but my main responsibility was level design and setting up tournaments each week.

Angry Birds Epic / Angry Birds Go / Angry Birds Transformers

I helped by beta testing and giving feedback to the teams developing those games. I am credited on the special thanks section.